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Table 2 Healthy Obese Project participating studies to date, number of participants, host institutions, and location

From: Data harmonization and federated analysis of population-based studies: the BioSHaRE project

Study name Acronym Number of participants in the HOP Host institution Location
Cooperative Health Research in South Tyrol Study CHRIS 1116 European Academy of Bolzano Bolzano, Italy
KORA Cooperative Health Research in the Region of Augsburg KORA 18 000 Helmholtz Center Munich Augsburg, Germany
LifeLines Cohort Study LifeLines 93 000 University Medical Center Groningen Groningen, The Netherlands
Microisolates in South Tyrol Study MICROS 1300 European Academy of Bolzano Bolzano, Italy
National Child Development Study NCDS 18 558 University of Leicester Leicester, United Kingdom
FINRISK 2007 Study FINRISK 2007 10 000 National Institute for Health and Welfare Helsinki, Finland
Nord-Trøndelag Health Study HUNT 78 968 Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim, Norway
Prevention of REnal and Vascular ENd-stage Disease study PREVEND 8592 University Medical Centre Groningen Groningen, The Netherlands