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Table 1 A summary of potential conflicts between individual-level wants, individual-level health benefits and population-level health benefits.

From: Individual freedom versus collective responsibility: too many rights make a wrong?

Individual wants? Individual benefit exceeds individual harm? Population benefit exceeds population harm? Examples
Seeking treatment for a bacterial STD; staying home when ill with a gastro-intestinal infection
Disclosing HIV status to partner; voluntarily revealing personal information for the purposes of disease surveillance
Acquiring a personal stock-pile of Tamiflu®; being prescribed anti-malarials associated with least drug resistance
Refusing the MMR vaccine; pressuring physician for antibiotics for a non-bacterial infection
Forcing infected individuals to undergo treatment for TB; restricting the movement of persons during the SARS outbreak
Forcibly quarantining suspected SARS cases; potentially rationing Tamiflu® during an outbreak due to limited drug availability
Withholding suppressive therapy which could otherwise prevent onward transmission of genital herpes because of contraindications in patient
Withdrawing provision of antiretroviral therapy for HIV