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Table 4 Mainland Chinese journals in epidemiology, preventive medicine and public health.

From: Chinese journals: a guide for epidemiologists

Journal English Title Journal Chinese Title Responsible Authority Sponsor Series/Categories No. of issues in 2006 ISSN CN Indexed by Medline Chinese core journals 2004 VIP 2005 impact factor VIP 2005 immediacy index Language†
China Preventive Medicine MoH CPMA CPMA series 6 1009-6639 11-4529/R    0.1966 0.0212 C
Chinese Journal of Epidemiology CAST CMA CMA series 12 0254-6450 11-2338/R Y Y 0.9048 0.1273 C
Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine CAST CMA CMA series 6 0253-9624 11-2150/R Y Y 0.7737 0.0931 C
Chinese Journal of Public Health MoH CPMA CPMA series 12 1001-0580 21-1234/R   Y 0.3828 0.0323 C
Chinese Journal of Social Medicine MoE HZUSTTMC Provincial (Hubei) 4 1673-5625 42-1758/R    - - C
Gonggong Weisheng Yu Yufang Yixue (Public Health and Preventive Medicine) Hubei HB Hubei Provinical PMA; CPMA; Hubei Provincial CDC Provincial (Hubei) 6 1006-2483 42-1734/R    0.1456 0.0125 C
Henan Journal of Preventive Medicine Henan HB Henan Provincial PMA Provincial (Henan) 6 1006-8414 41-1220/R    0.102 0.0214 C
International Journal of Epidemiology and Infectious Disease MoH CMA; ZJAMS CMA series 6 1673-4149 33-1340/R    - - C
Jiangsu Journal of Preventive Medicine Jiangsu HB Jiangsu Provincial CDC; Jiangsu Provincial PMA Provincial (Jiangsu) 4 1006-9070 32-1446/R    0.223 0.0227 C
Journal of Applied Preventive Medicine Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Regional HB Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Regional CDC Provincial (Guangxi) 6 1673-758X 45-1345/R    - - C
Journal of Community Medicine Shandong HB Shandong Provincial Association of Rural Hygiene Provincial (Shandong) 24 1672-4208 37-1405/R    - - C
Journal of Hygiene Research MoH China CDC China CDC 6 1000-8020 11-2158/R Y Y - - C
Journal of Preventive Medicine Information Sichuan HB CPMA; Sichuan Provincial CDC CPMA series; Provincial (Sichuan) 6 1006-4028 51-1276/R    - - C
Journal of Preventive Medicine of Chinese People's Liberation Army AMMS RCHEM ARCPM PLA (Tianjin) 6 1001-5248 12-1198/R    - - C
Modern Preventive Medicine MoH CPMA; WCMUSPH CPMA series; Provincial (Sichuan) 12 1003-8507 51-1365/R   Y - - C
Practical Preventive Medicine MoH CPMA; Hunan Provincial PMA CPMA series; Provincial (Hunan) 6 1006-3110 43-1223/R    - - C
Preventive Medicine Tribune MoH CPMA CPMA series 6 1672-9153 37-1428/R    - - C
Shanghai Journal of Preventive Medicine Shanghai Municipal HB Shanghai Municipal PMA Provincial (Shanghai) 12 1004-9231 31-1635/R    - - C
South China Journal of Preventive Medicine Guangdong HB Guangdong Provincial CDC; CPMA CPMA series; Provincial (Guangdong) 6 1671-5039 44-1550/R    - - C
Strait Journal of Preventive Medicine Fujian HB CPMA; Fujian Provincial PMA CPMA series; Provincial (Fujian) 6 1007-2705 35-1185/R    - - C
Zhejiang Journal of Preventive Medicine ZJAST Zhejiang Provincial PMA Provinical (Zhejiang) 12 1007-0931 33-1200/R    - - C
  1. None of the journals listed above receive bibliometric data, like impact factor and immediacy index, from Thomson Scientific's Journal Citation Reports. †Language: C = Chinese. AMMS: Academy of Military Medical Sciences; ARCPM: Army Research Centre for Preventive Medicine; CAST: China Association for Science and Technology; CDC: Center for Disease Control and Prevention; CMA: Chinese Medical Association; CPMA: Chinese Preventive Medicine Association; HB: Health Bureau (of a Province or an (Ethnic Minority) Autonomous Region or a Municipality); HZUSTTMC: Huazhong University of Science and Technology Tongji Medical College; MoE: Ministry of Education; MoH: Ministry of Health; NIPD: National Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention; PLA: People's Liberation Army; PMA: Preventive Medicine Association; RCHEM: Research Centre for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine (of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences); WCMUSPH: Sichuan University West China Medical University School of Public Health; ZJAMS: Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences; ZJAST: Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology.