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Table 5 Mainland Chinese journals in tropical medicine and related topics

From: Chinese journals: a guide for epidemiologists

Journal English titles Journal Chinese titles Responsible authority Sponsor No. of issues in 2006 ISSN CN Chinese core journals 2004 Language †
Acta Parasitology et Medica Entomologica Sinica AMMS China Zoological Society, The Entomological Society of China, and the IME. 4 1005-0507 11-3158/R   C
China Tropical Medicine MoH CPMA; Hainan Provincial CDC 12 1009-9727 46-1064/R   C
Chinese Journal of AIDS & STD MoH CASPC 12 1672-5662 11-4818/R   C
Chinese Journal of Control of Endemic Diseases MoH CPMA 6 1001-1889 22-1136/R   C
Chinese Journal of Disease Control & Prevention CPMA Anhui Medical University 6 1008-6013 34-1188/R   C
Chinese Journal of Endemiology MoH CMA; Harbin Medical University 6 1000-4955 23-1276/R   C
Chinese Journal of Infectious Diseases CAST CMA 6 1000-6680 31-1365/R   C
Journal of Pathogen Biology (formerly Chinese Journal of Parasitic Disease Control) MoH CPMA; Shandongsheng Institute of Parasitic Diseases 6 1673-5234 11-5457/R   C
Chinese Journal of Parasitology & Parasitic Diseases* MoH CPMA; NIPD 6 1000-7423 31-1248/R Y C
Chinese Journal of Schistosomiasis Control MoH CPMA 6 1005-6661 32-1374/R   C
Chinese Journal of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases* CAST CMA 12 1001-0939 11-2147/R   C
Chinese Journal of Vector Biology and Control MoH China CDC 6 1003-4692 13-1142/R Y C
Chinese Journal of Veterinary Parasitology Ministry of Agriculture SIDAP 6 1005-0868 31-1629/S   C
Chinese Journal of Zoonose CAST Chinese Society for Microbiology 12 1002-2694 35-1284/R Y C
Disease Surveillance MoH China CDC 12 1003-9961 11-2928/R   C
Endemic Diseases Bulletin Xinzhang Autonomous Regional HB Xinzhang Autonomous Regional CDC 6 1000-3711 65-1102/R   C
The Journal of the Chinese Antituberculosis Association CAST Chinese Antituberculosis Association 6 1000-6621 11-2761/R   C
Journal of Tropical Medicine GPAST CPMA; Guangdong Provincial Association for Parasitology 12 1672-3619 44-1503/R   C
Journal of Tropical Diseases and Parasitology Anhui Provincial HB Anhui Institute for Parasitic Diseases 4 1672-2302 34-1263/R   C
Infectious Disease Information PLA‡ The 302th Hospital of the PLA 4 1007-8134 11-3886/R   C
International Journal of Medical Parasitic Diseases MoH CMA; NIPD 6 1673-4122 31-1961/R   C
The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease CAST Chinese Antituberculosis Association 4 1006-6942 11-5437/R   C
Parasitosis and Infectious Diseases Sichuan Provincial HB Sichuan Provinical CDC 4 1672-2116 51-1636/R   C
  1. None of the journals listed above receive bibliometric data, like impact factor and immediacy index, from Thomson Scientific's Journal Citation Reports or from VIP Information Qikan Pingjia (Journal evaluation) 2005. †Language: C = Chinese. *: indexed in MEDLINE. ‡: General Logistics Department, Political Department, and Propaganda Department, of the PLA. AMMS: Academy of Military Medical Sciences; CASPC: Chinese Association of STD&AIDS Prevention and Control; CAST: China Association for Science and Technology; CDC: Center for Disease Control and Prevention; CMA: Chinese Medical Association; CPMA: Chinese Preventive Medicine Association; GPAST: Guangdong Provincial Association for Science and Technology; HB: Health Bureau (of a Province or an (Ethnic Minority) Autonomous Region or a Municipality); IME: Institute of Microbiology & Epidemiology, AMMS; MoH: Ministry of Health; NIPD: National Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention; PLA: People's Liberation Army; PMA: Preventive Medicine Association; SIDAP: Shanghai Institute of Domestic Animal Parasitology, Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences.