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Table 6 Mainland Chinese journals in non-communicable diseases, medical statistics, school health, occupational health, port/frontier health and quarantine, and evidence-based medicine.

From: Chinese journals: a guide for epidemiologists

Journal English titles Journal Chinese titles Responsible authority Sponsor No. of issues in 2006 ISSN CN Chinese core journals 2004 Language †
Non-Communicable Diseases         
Chinese Journal of Prevention and Control of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases MoH CPMA; Tianjin Municipal HB 6 1004-6194 12-1196/R   C
Medical Statistics         
Chinese Journal of Health Statistics MoH CHIS; CMU 6 1002-3674 21-1153/R Y C
School Health         
Chinese Journal of School Doctor Jiangsu Provincial HB CPMA; Jiangsu PMA 6 1001-7062 32-1199/R   C
Chinese Journal of School Health MoH CPMA 12 1000-9817 34-1092/R Y C
Occupational Health         
China Occupational Medicine MoH CPMA; SCRIOHDPC 6 1000-6486 44-1484/R Y C
Chinese Journal of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Diseases CAST CMA 12 1001-9391 12-1094/R Y C
Chinese Journal of Industrial Medicine MoH CPMA; Shenyang IOHM 6 1002-221X 21-1267/R Y C
Chinese Journal of Ocular Trauma and Occupational Eye Disease Zhengzhou University Zhengzhou University; World Eye Foundation (China branch) 12 1004-6461 41-1181/R   C
Chinese Journal of Urban and Rural Industrial Hygiene MoH CPMA 6 1003-5052 12-1170/R   C
Journal of Environmental and Occupational Medicine Shanghai Municipal HB Shanghai Municipal CDC; CPMA 6 1006-3617 31-1879/R Y C
Journal of Occupational Health and Damage Sichuan Provincial HB Sichuan Provincial CDC 4 1006-172X 51-1246/R   C
Industrial Health and Occupational Diseases China Iron & Steel Association Anshan Steel Group 6 1000-7164 21-1147/R Y C
The Medical Journal of Industrial Enterprise Harbin Municipal HB Harbin CIEHM 6 1001-814X 23-1296/R   
Occupation and Health Tienjin Municipal HB Tienjin Municipal CDC; CPMA 24 1004-1257 12-1133/R   C
Occupational Health and Emergency Rescue SMWSB SODPCICI 4 1007-1326 31-1719/R   C
Port/Frontier Health and Quarantine         
Chinese Journal of Frontier Health and Quarantine GAQSIQPRC CIQT 6 1004-9770 11-3254/R   C
Port Health Control CIQ Tianjin Tianjin ITHA 6 1008-5777 12-1297/R   C
Evidence-based Medicine         
Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine Ministry of Education Sichuan University 12 1672-2531 51-1656/R   C
Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine Guangdong Provincial HB GDEBMRC; GPPH; TAHSYSU 6 1671-5144 44-1548/R   C
Reproductive Health and Family Planning         
Chinese Journal of Family Planning NPFPC NRIFP 12 1004-8189 11-4550/R Y C
Journal of Reproduction and Contraception [42] NPFPC SIPPR 4 1001-7844 31-1555/R    E
Journal of Reproductive Medicine NPFPC Peking Union Hospital; NRIFP 6 1004-3845 11-4645/R   C
Reproduction and Contraception [42] NPFPC SIPPR 12 0253-357X 31-1344/R Y C
  1. None of the journals listed above receive bibliometric data, like impact factor and immediacy index, from Thomson Scientific's Journal Citation Reports or from VIP Information Qikan Pingjia (Journal evaluation) 2005. Language: C = Chinese, E = English. CAST: China Association for Science and Technology; CDC: Center for Disease Control and Prevention; CHIS: China Health Informatics Society; CIEHM: Committee of Industrial Enterprise Hospital Management; CIQ Tianjin: Tianjin Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau; CIQT: China Inspection and Quarantine Times; CMA: Chinese Medical Association; CMU: Chinese Medical Universtiy; CPMA: Chinese Preventive Medicine Association; GAQSIQPRC: General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China; GDEBMRC: Guangdong Evidence-based Medicine Research Center; GPPH: Guangdong Provinicial People's Hospital; HB: Health Bureau (of a Province or an (Ethnic Minority) Autonomous Region or a Municipality); IOHM: Institute of Occupational Health and Medicine; ITHA: International Travel Healthcare Association; MoH: Ministry of Health; NIPD: National Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention; NPFPC: National Population and Family Planning Commission of China; NRIFP: National Research Institute for Family Planning, NPFPC; PLA: People's Liberation Army; PMA: Preventive Medicine Association; SCRIOHDPC: South China Regional Institute for Occupational Health, Disease Prevention and Control; SIPPR: Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research; SMWSB: Shanghai Municipal Work Safety Bureau; SODPCICI: Shanghai Occupational Diseases Prevention and Cure Institute of Chemical Industry; TAHSYSU: The Third Affiliated Hospital of the Sun Yat-Sen University.