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Table 1 Problems and solutions

From: Addressing healthy aging populations in developing countries: unlocking the opportunity of eHealth and mHealth

Tools Problems Solutions
Electronic mailing listing Misinformation or misunderstanding Clear and simple information with image or audio support. Maybe bidirectional information (provider and users) be more effective to confirm delivery messages.
Social Networking Misunderstanding o lack of information. Loss of confidentiality. Reforcement of security through education and control of accessibility.
Web-learning 1. Needs fast computers with sound/video cards and Internet connection. 1. Private and public founding to cover costs.
2. Need logistic assistance (webmaster, programmer, editor, designer. 2. Free-wifi network.
3. Learning skills about computers and internet navigation.
Telemedicine 1. Costs of telecommunication 1. Public and private support to cover costs.
2. Data management of equipment 2. Free wifi networking for remote regions
3. Technical training 3. Learning skills about computers and internet navigation.
4. Informatic support
mHealth 1. High costs of mobile devices 1. Lower costs of mobile devices. Android has a clear advantage over iOS devices in terms of price and technology.
2. Security problems 2. Education and training in security systems to share medical information via apps.
3. Internet conection 3. Public and private support to expand mobile and wireless network to the most remote and resource-poor environments.