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Table 1 Modeling studies, included in the review, that considers local risk factors and the transmission dynamics of diseases

From: Challenges in modeling complexity of neglected tropical diseases: a review of dynamics of visceral leishmaniasis in resource limited settings

Reference Study area (period) Disease Data Model type 6 A’s Addressed
Dye [47] Assam Province, India (1875–1950) Anthroponotic VL (L. donovani) Epidemic data from Rogers (1908) [69], McCombie Young (1924) [70], and Sen Gupta (1951) [71] Discrete-time compartmental model \(\times\)
Hasibeder [48] \(\times\) Canine leishmaniasis, L. infantum \(\times\) ODEs \(\times\)
Dye [49] Gozo island in Malta (June–July 1989) Canine leishmaniasis, L. infantum cross-sectional survey including age-structured serological data Used results from ODEs in [48] \(\times\)
Dye [50] Tropical America, Mediterranean, and China Canine and human zoonotic VL, L. infantum Cohort study of dogs (Unpublished data, Quinell RJ, Courtenay O, and Dye C) and estimates from [49] ODEs \(\times\)
Stauch [51] India, Nepal, Bangladesh (2006–2008) Anthroponotic VL - L. donovani KalaNet project (ClinicalTrials,gov NCT00318721) ODEs \(\times\)
Stauch [52] Bihar, India (1980–1997) anthroponotic VL Treatment failure rate of antimonial treatment obtained from review of clinical trials [72] ODEs \(\times\)
Stauch [53] India, Nepal, Bangladesh (2006–2008) Anthroponotic VL KalaNet project ODEs \(\times\)
Mubayi [3] Bihar, India (2003–2005) Anthroponotic VL Monthly incidence from 21 districts Staged-progression model \(\times\)
ELmojtaba [54,55,56] Sudan Zoonotic VL Parameter estimates from literature ODE \(\times\)
Sevá [57] Brazil (approx. 1990s and 2000s) Canine and human zoonotic VL, L. infantum Parameters taken from published studies, oral communication, or assumed ODEs \(\times\)
Aparicio [58] United States TB U.S. and Massachusetts Census data and Parameter estimates from literature ODEs and an age-structured PDE model Atmosphere
Lipsitch [59]   TB   Stochastic-deterministic hybrid model Adherence
Mason [61] United States (approx. 1995–2004) Type II diabetes Electronic Medical Records, Administrative medical and pharmacy claims data, and Healthcare Effectiveness Data Discounted Markov Decision Process Adherence
Hallet [62] Zimbabwe (1980s–2000s) HIV HIV prevalence and sexual behaviour surveillance data ODEs and a Bayesian Melding framework Awareness
Mushayabasa [63] \(\times\) Hepatitis C Epidemiological data from literature ODEs Awareness
Fenichel [64]     Economic behavioral model/SIR Awareness
  1. x in the Table indicate absence of the information related to column heading