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Table 2 Model comparison results

From: Flexible semiparametric joint modeling: an application to estimate individual lung function decline and risk of pulmonary exacerbations in cystic fibrosis

Model Submodel 1 Submodel 2 DIC1 DIC2 \(\bar{D}\) p D DICtotal
Separate model
I Semiparametric mixed effects Weibull 952,566 21,110.9 962,619 11,057.7 973,676
Joint model
II Cubic mixed effects Weibull 952,915 20,712.5 962,485 11,142.6 973,628
III Semiparametric mixed effects Weibull 952,409 20,605.4 961,923 11,091.4 973,015
  1. Each of DIC1 and DIC2 is the sum of the posterior mean deviance (\(\bar{D}\)) and the effective number of parameters (\(p_{D}\)); DICtotal obtained by summing DIC1 and DIC2 from separate or submodels (see “Appendix 4” for details). Lower values indicate better model fit