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Table 3 Computing time for each model in WinBUGS

From: Flexible semiparametric joint modeling: an application to estimate individual lung function decline and risk of pulmonary exacerbations in cystic fibrosis

Model Submodel 1 Submodel 2 Computing time
Separate model
I Semiparametric mixed effects Weibull 9 h 57 min
Joint model
II Cubic mixed effects Weibull 8 h 45 min
III Semiparametric mixed effects Weibull 11 h 14 min
  1. * The data set contains 7672 individuals, and the total number of longitudinal observations (FEV1 measurements) is 36,051. For each model, we run 40,000 iterations, discard the first 20,000 as a warm-up phase and thin by 10, yielding a total of 2000 posterior samples