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Table 2 Breakdown of sample, exclusions and survey response for adults

From: Health monitoring among asylum seekers and refugees: a state-wide, cross-sectional, population-based study in Germany

  N n %
Total sample drawn 2346   100
 Of these: moved away or transferred/closure of accommodation centre   503 21.4
Total sample at point of data collection 1843   100
 Of these: expected ineligible due to age < 18 years   745 40.4
Total adult sample at point of data collection 1098   100
 Of these: expected ineligible  due to language not covered by survey or illiteracy   111 10.1
Expected sample eligible 987   100
 Of these: not reached at time of data collection   153 15.5
Total contacts eligible for inclusion 834   100
 Of these: refusal at outset   19 2.3
 Of these: questionnaire not returned   393 47.1
Total questionnaires returned 422   100
 Of these: empty   10 2.4
Total records for analysis 412   100
Eligibility rate
(Expected sample eligible/Total sample at point of data collection)
Response rate
(Total records for analysis/expected sample eligible)
Participation rate
(Total records for analysis/total contacts eligible for inclusion)