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Table 1 Results of oblique Promax rotation after EFA showing the construct structure of women’s empowerment in Tanzania

From: Development of a women’s empowerment index for Tanzania from the demographic and health surveys of 2004–05, 2010, and 2015–16

  Variables Factor loading
Domain 1 Beating justified if the wife goes out without telling husband 0.836
Beating justified if wife neglects the children 0.841
Beating justified if wife argues with husband 0.893
Beating justified if the wife refuses to have sex with the husband 0.818
Beating justified if wife burns the food 0.712
Domain 2 The person who usually decides on respondent’s health care 0.733
The person who usually decides on large household purchases 0.704
The person who usually decides what to do with money husband earns 0.749
The person who usually decides on visits to family or relatives 0.614
The person who usually decides how to spend the respondent’s earnings 0.711
Domain 3 Owns a mobile telephone 0.682
Frequency of watching television 0.717
Frequency of reading newspaper or magazine 0.679
Type of earnings from respondent’s work 0.389
Educational attainment 0.542
Domain 4 Age of respondent at first birth 0.922
Age at first cohabitation 0.939
Domain 5 Getting permission to get medical help 0.654
Getting money needed for treatment 0.632
Distance to a health facility 0.771
Not wanting to go alone for medical help 0.758
Domain 6 Owns a house alone or jointly 0.891
Owns land alone or jointly 0.874